Common Rail and TDI Pumps Injector Testing Bench STPiW-3

The pumps and injectors testing bench was designed to test pumps and injectors from the Common Rail system and the VE distributor injection pump system.

Apart from pumps and injectors testing, independent testing of high pressure sensors and fuel pressure valves with use of additional adapters.

New fuel system with quick disconnect coupling.

Improved fuel heating and cooling system.

Optional, automatic, electronic measurement of fuel dose and return with the archiving of data and the possibility of the printout of measurements.

Modular system with quick and easy confi guration and the modernization according new solutions released on the market in the fi eld of the Diesel injection.

Increase of the space between elements and modifi cation of the way of fi xing them, caused improvement in the ergonomics.

The stand has a CE certifi cate and the Certifi cate of the Innovation required for getting a subsidy to investments from the EU.

The newest third version of the stand arose at the cooperation with users of previous versions, considering the opinion and the constant contact with customers directly results in the failure-free, the productivity and the ease of service.

Technical parameters:

Supply voltage: 3 x 400 V.
Drive motor power 4 kW.

Available in any confi gurations:
- CR version, one-sided,
- CR version, two-sided,
- CR and VE / VP (VP pumps without CU built in),
- and other depending on individual needs of the user.