Common Rail Injector Testing Bench STW-1A

STW-1 is the smallest testing bench from our offer. From the competition distinguishes is value for money. It’s technical parameters puts in the lead of market. The product has been designed and produced in Poland. It comes with 24 months warranty and full technical support. It has been designed for common rail diesel injector testing purposes. The device allows to carry a test of one fuel injector at the time. The testing bench provides possibility of controlling the fuel injectors of all leading diesel injecti on system producers ( Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Continental).

Easy and intuitive handling tester allows to control all necessary fuel injector parameters. The results of the measurements can be observed in dose and return glass burets and tester’s digital display ( result units: mm³ per one injection). The measuring system is the same as in bigger testers of our production ( STPiW-3 and STW-2). It’s advantage is contamination resistance which guarantees reliability and measurement results recurrence. In consequence of high measurement accuracy and administration of real dose injection the bench can be used in process of injector repair.

Once the tester is connected to any personal computer (working with Windows XP or newer) it is possible to carry fully automatic test. The bench alowes to prepare injector characteristics similar like in our bigger testing benches.

Technical parameters:

- supply voltage: 3x 400V/AC 16 A
- power outpout:2,2 kW
- maximum fuel pressure: 220 Mpa
- maximum speed: 1000 rpm
- fuel temperature stabilization range: 30-60 °C+- 2 °C
- injector opening time: 100-2500 μs, resolution every 10 μs
- injector opening frequency: 1-100 Hz, resolution every 1 Hz
- number of impulse setting: 1-9999, adjusting impulse (1-9999) or continuous mode
- electromagnetic and piezoelectric diesel injectors control